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The design of this product comes from a true love story. The Chinese girl and the Spanish boy could not meet because of the COVID-19. We deconstructed the traditional Chinese teapot, the teapot cover was used in the Chinese garden, and the tea set used Spanish architecture. Hope In this way, people who have been separated can achieve a sense of reunion. We used to produce all products is a traditional Chinese material only from the region near the city of Yixing in Jiangsu Province and used in Since the Song dynasty (960–1279). The finished stoneware has a purple-red-brown hue, and thus the material is also commonly known as purple clay.

The reason is that we designed the modern building group as a tea set in the traditional teapot, and made the teapot suitable for more modern lifestyles. In this way, people feel the relationship between tea and tea set in the process of making tea.

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